14 May 2011

Soap Making!

Some readers may know me from 'Pretty Perfect Beauty' blog, but I was finding I wanted to blog more and more about crafts that I am doing at the moment, so I decided I would start a new blog. What about the name then? Well a lot of the items I make are made for the 'magical' market - I am a practising Witch for 18yrs and counting. I sell a lot of the items shown on this blog on eBay to fund my 'addiction' to nail polish, gardening and crafts!

To continue today's intended story - some time ago, probably in the January sales, I bought a kilo of transparent melt n' pour soap base and some colouring and botanicals. I'd not touched it, thinking it would be messy and hot and the kitten would need cleaning, but a couple of weeks ago I cracked it out nevertheless. I am hooked! I made some super bars of soap, scented of course by 100% natural essential oils (as I am also very much into aromatherapy). You can read more about them on the Pretty Perfect Beauty post.

Today I made some facial bars with some lovely ingredients I got from Soaposh. I started with the SLS-free Honey Soap Base and added a blend of Jojoba oil, Vitamin E concentrate and essential oils of Roman Chamomile, Rose, Myrrh and Palmarosa. I stuck some rose petals on just for decoration. They smell lovely - I am giving most of these to my work colleagues to test over the coming week, and I will return with the test results next week! :) These have no colours added, so they are a bit drab, honey coloured things!

I also made a 'Man-Soap' (bottom of photo) as both my Dad and my dear boyfriend are averse to 'wifie-washing' i.e. scented shower gels and the like. I made this from the Organic Oils Soap Base from Soaposh and added a tiny bit of Sweet Almond oil with a few drops of Pine and Rosemary essential oils, just to give it an illusive hint of freshness. I will present these to the 'men' later today, and will return with the verdict on this later this week... I added no colour to these bars as that would probably put my favourite boys off!